I’m Nacho and I’m obsessed with teaching people how to get out of Spanish Intermediate Purgatory.

That’s when you know your Spanish is pretty good, but you feel like you’ve stopped improving. You understand everything that people say, but when you try to continue the conversation, your brain freezes and nothing comes out.

There’s a way out!  It’s called deliberate practice. Here’s the gist: to get the most out of your study sessions, focus each one on an individual aspect of Spanish that you find particularly challenging, give yourself immediate feedback after every attempt and keep raising the level of difficulty so it’s never too easy nor too difficult.

Doing this consistently day after day can have a huge impact in your ability to have fluent conversations and communicate like a native. However, it requires a lot of discipline. To make the journey easier, I’ve created La Comunidad, a platform to work on your Spanish using video lessons, weekly challenges and personalized corrections from native teachers.

Únete a La Comunidad

Un abrazo,


PS: In case you’re curious: I’ve lived most of my life in Spain. When I was 14 years old, my family moved to New Jersey and I spent three years in an American high school. That experience completely changed my perspective on the world and led to my fascination for languages (besides Spanish and English, I also speak French, Italian and Catalan). I lived for 7 years in Boston, where I got a PhD in Bioinformatics and met my Italian wife in a language exchange. We’re currently enjoying life in sunny Barcelona.